Moorish crunch salad

This is a recipe of Jamie Oliver’s for a delicious salad with Moorish flavours. My boyfriend’s mum, Wendy, made it recently and I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s really zingy and crunchy and fresh, and if you add some fried halloumi to it or eat it with pitta bread, it makes a full meal.

moorish crunch

Serves 4

300 g carrots, peeled and cut into matchstick-sized batons

150 g radishes

2 crunchy apples

1 small handful raisins/sultanas

1 handful fresh Italian parsley

1 handful fresh mint, roughly chopped

4 T red wine vinegar

8 T olive oil

1 T tahini

2 T sesame seeds, toasted in the oven for about three minutes

Finely slice radishes. Quarter and core the apples and slice finely. Add all these to a bowl with the rest of the ingredients, except for the sesame seeds. Toss together, and season to taste. Serve with sesame seeds sprinkled on top and eat straight away before the salad loses its crunch.