Wendy’s leek quiche

Quiches are ultimate vegetarian food – they’re protein-rich and can be improvised with all manner of tasty veggie ingredients, from feta, butternut, caramelised onion, sundried tomato, to grated courgette, fried mushroom and blue cheese.

My boyfriend’s mum, Wendy, whom I get a lot of delicious veggie recipes from, makes this delicious and easy leek quiche often. It’s very leeky, which I love. I like it served with a bit of strongish wholegrain mustard and some balsamic-dressed peppery rocket.

Makes one large quiche

500 g leeks, sliced finely
170 g mature cheddar, grated
5 large free range eggs
700 ml milk

140 g flour
85 g butter

To make the pastry, mix the flour and butter together to form breadcrumbs. Add cold water until a dough is formed. Roll out the dough to make a circle big enough for the quiche dish you’re using. Push into a greased tart dish.

To make the filling, whisk together eggs and milk and season with black pepper. Add grated cheese and leeks. Pour into the pastry and bake at 180C for one hour.