Baked chocolate chilli figs

I love figs, and I try to eat as many of them as I can during their short season. I always plan to make something really yummy with them, but I just end up eating them as they are or squished on toast with lots of butter and a drizzle of honey. We’re almost at the end of fig season and this may be my last chance at a fig recipe for the year. It’s ridiculously simple and easy, but really quite delicious. I’m coming to the realisation that the moreish chocolate-chilli combo goes with just about anything, but it’s really superb with baked figs. Serve this late summer/early autumn dessert with Greek yoghurt, marscapone or vanilla bean ice-cream.

baked chocolate chilli figs

Serves four

12 fresh figs
50 g dark chilli chocolate (I like Lindt)
1 tbsp of butter

Cut off the stalks, and make a criss-cross cut in each fig. Break up the chocolate and put a shard inside each fig. Top off the figs with a tiny blob of butter. Bake for 12 – 15 minutes, until the chocolate has melted and the figs are releasing their juices.