Sarah DuffI love food – thinking about it, cooking it, reading about it and photographing it. I’m a pescatarian (I eat fish and dairy but no meat) but I cook mostly vegetarian food, and that’s what this blog is focused on. Although I love spending time in the kitchen, I don’t have the patience for time-consuming complicated cooking, so I choose recipes and adapt them to make them as easy and unfussy as possible. I’m always conscious of eating the right things, and I try to make my cooking healthy without sacrificing taste.

Some of my recipes are from cookbooks (which I am obsessed with, and read like novels), magazines and family and friends, but most are my own dishes. I love the creativity of cooking as much as I love eating.

My favourite ingredients (in no particular order) are lemons, chilli flakes, yoghurt, courgettes, mushrooms, aubergines, chickpeas, pine nuts, sweet potato, cinnamon, eggs, tomatoes, onions, basil, garlic, spinach, beans, sweet peppers, tofu, broccoli, coriander, black pepper, Parmesan, and rocket.

I try to buy seasonally as much as possible, because it’s better for the environment and the produce is tastier and healthier. The same goes for organic food, where possible (there isn’t a huge range in South Africa yet).

My boyfriend Joe is a great cook and credit goes to him for recipe inspiration and for web design and the beautiful photos he takes of my food.

Sarah Duff

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